Company Culture
Who are we

Guangdong Newidea Technology Co., Ltd.(NIT) focuses on the design and manufacturing of high-quality, multi-variety and special heat pipes, as well as the design of heat pipe cooling scheme, the development and application of industrial energy saving technology,the design, manufacturing and application of  advanced heat pipe manufacturing equipment and industrial dedicated robot. In recent years, NIT has not only achieved tremendous development in business operation, but also formed wonderful enterprise culture. Because NIT knows that resources will run out and only culture can survive. When the material resources of an enterprise are very limited, only by relying on cultural resources, spiritual and cultural strength, can we overcome difficulties and achieve development.

Our core values

'Quality-based, customer-centered, and diligent-oriented' is the core value of Guangdong Newidea Technology Co., Ltd.. The foundation of our development is our staff who are hard-working, aggressive, loyal to the company and professional ethics. We will keep manufacturing high-quality products, to meet all the needs of our customers.

Loyalty: loyal to your job, loyal to the company, and loyal to your customers;

Harmony: Harmonious employee relationship, harmonious customer relationship;

Diligence: The company firmly believes that only diligence and enterprising can win the respect and trust of customers, as well as make achievements;

Kknowledge: Forge ahead, keep learning, be brave to pioneer, and persist in openness and innovation.

Our vision and mission

Vision: A cool world, energy saving and emission reduction;

Mission: Focus on the challenges and pressures that customers care about, provide competitive heat pipes, equipment, solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers.