Our company won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award

On Aug 25th, 2009, the Guangdong High-tech Industrial Park Conference and the 2008 Guangdong Science and Technology Award Conference were held in Guangzhou, the winners of the 2008 Guangdong Science and Technology Award will be commended on the conference. There were 288 scientific and technological projects were awarded. Among these awards, the “Practice of Innovative Development in Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone” project won the special prize; 27 project results, including the “Physical Foundation of the Growth and Design of Metastable Nanomaterials” won the first prize; 89 project results won Second prize, 171 project results won third prize. In addition, 30 innovation achievements in Guangdong Province won the National Science and Technology Award in 2009.

The award-winning projects of the 2008 Guangdong Science and Technology Awards are highly innovative, widely used, and with economic and social benefits. They are proved by the following aspects: First of all, the construction of high-tech industrial parks has made remarkable results. In 2008, the output value of high-tech products in Guangdong was 2.2 trillion yuan, which was an increase of 15% of last year and was about 30% of total industrial output value in Gungdong. The industrial gross industrial output value of 16 national and provincial high-tech development zones made was 1,005.048 billion yuan, which raised 37.5%. Secondly, the enterprise technological innovation is dominated. Among the 288 provincial science and technology award-winning projects, there are 153 projects from the enterprises that are the first to complete or participate in. Thirdly, the results of industry, university and research (IUR) cooperation are remarkable. Among the 30 projects results from Guangdong that won the National Science and Technology Award in 2008, 16 of which were completed by industry-university-research cooperation. Most of the award-winning companies have worked with universities and research institutes to industrialize the technological achievements. Fourthly, fundamental research and initial innovative capability are enhancing. Among the 27 “Provincial Science and Technology Award” first prize winning projects, there are 9 fundamental research projects, which is 1/3 of the first-prize projects. In the total of 288 award-winning projects, 386 invention patents have been earned and 315 invention patents have been authorized; 5329 papers have been published, 1,385 of which have been collected by the SCI and EI; 14757 papers have been cited by others. Fifthly, the scientific and technological achievements of people's livelihood have been largely increased. Among the 2008 award-winning projects, 131 were agriculture, medical and health, energy saving and environmental protection and social security projects, which is 45.5% of the total award-winning projects, 48 of them are energy saving and environmental protection projects, which is twice as much as last year. Sixthly, there are a bunch of outstanding young and middle-aged scientists and innovative teams. In the 2008 award-winning projects, the average age of the first completer was 48; among the first-prize project completers, 52% of the scientists are 45 or under.

Our cooperative project with South China University of Technology – “Surface Thermal Functional Structure Extreme Manufacturing Technology and Application' won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award. Its results have been applied on refrigeration, petrochemical and power and electronics etc. They also have been used in photovoltaic power generation, LED light source and other enterprises transformation. From 2006 to 2008, the output value of the inner grooved tube products was about 3.2 billion yuan and the profits and taxes were about 140 million yuan, which is highly profitable and have great social benefits.

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